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KWVI Leads the Way With UL94 At the Pumps

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

The WPA is very excited to see Swift Fuels UL94 at KWVI's self-service fuel island. It is a brave, tactical and timely move and Airport Management should be commended for it.

If your airplane is able to use it, we highly recommend purchasing it as your primary fuel. It is cleaner for the environment, better for your engine, and it will support the efforts KWVI has made to break us away from leaded fuels.

Some important facts:

  • UL94 is a 94+ Motor-Octane aviation gasoline without Tetraethyllead that meets the ASTM D7547 Unleaded Avgas specification. UL94 is also rated as a super-premium ethanol-free auto-gasoline with a 99 octane (R+M)/2 rating that meets and exceeds the ASTM D4814 autofuel specification.

  • UL94 Unleaded Avgas has an identical density to 100LL, meaning weight and balance calculations will not change by using UL94.

  • UL94 Unleaded Avgas satisfies the minimum octane requirements of over 125,000 aircraft (66% of the US piston fleet) as a "Drop-in Ready" Unleaded Avgas. It requires no modifications and no hardware changes.

Jet "A" and 100LL are available on the east and west pumps respectively. The north and south pumps will be dedicated to UL94. Note: Users please read purchasing instructions on the POS Pedestal.

The following message was provided to the Municipal Airport by Swift Fuels, LLC and is provided to ensure purchasers of UL94 from the Airport's Self Service Island are aware of the STC requirement.


Here below is a brief outline of information pertaining to UL94 Unleaded Aviation Fuel.

First, visit the Swift Fuels website. Second, visit the Swift Fuels Pilot Q&A about Fuels: Third, SEARCH: Is My Aircraft Eligible to Use UL94?:

If the search indicates your aircraft is “Good to Go...” then your existing FAA certifications are all in order. You can use UL94 immediately!!

However: “If the Swift Fuels website says that I must buy a UL94 STC for $100

- how do I do that and – what happens next?” To purchase the STC visit:

Then you can expect the following:

  1. Swift Fuels will express mail you a packet of materials for your newly purchased STC – this includes a “secret pass code” for your aircraft’s account.

  2. Using the information and special pass code – the STC holder will enter the required details of their aircraft into the Swift Fuels STC database.

  3. The STC Holder will then be able to print (locally) the key FAA forms to support the STC – including the Form 337 for your A&P Mechanic.

  4. Once the A&P mechanic has recorded the STC information into the FAA’s log... the STC’d aircraft is ready to go!!

  5. When you purchase a UL94 STC – then Swift Fuels will automatically give you a FOREVER STC at no extra charge! Questions? Mr. Chris D’Acosta CEO – Swift Fuels, LLC 1435 Win Hentschel Blvd, Suite 205 West Lafayette, Indiana 47906 (765) 237-3195

If you have questions regarding the Self-Service Fuel Island contact Sam Rosas, Airport Operations Manager at 768-3585 or via email at

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