Newsletter Archive

Information here is reproduced from the Watsonville Pilots Association newsletters and put into Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
Jan-June 2020
* Steady Progress, by Ryan Ramirez * Stories From Our Local Pilots, by Jeremy Lezin & Barry Porter * Editor's Note, digital distribution" * KWVI Management Highlights, by Rayvon Williams * A Special Donation * Upcoming Events *
Oct-Dec, 2019
* WPA Recasting, by Ryan Ramirez * Legal Committee Update, by Sarah Chauvet * 2018-2019 Airport Year In Review, by Rayvon Williams * Upcoming Events *
July-Sept, 2015
* Airport Manager's Year in Review, by Scott Williams, Editor; * AOPA Highlights KWVI, by Scott Williams, Editor; * Salinas Fly In Follow Up, by Scott Williams, Editor; * JACOB BORACCA MAKES THE MOST OF HIS PVAA SCHOLARSHIP, by Marjorie Bachman, ATP, MEI, CFII; * Annual Membership Letter Elicits Big Response to Fiscal/Legal Issues!, by Dan Chauvet-WPA's Secretary for Legal Affairs; * Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS-B), by John Cowan, WPA VP
Apr-Jun, 2015
* Golden Nuggets From the WPA Seminar, by Scott Williams; * Accidents Happen. The Public Should Be Protected., by Dan Chauvet; * Flying With The Most Dangerous Multi-engine Student, by Dan Chauvet; * New WATSONVILLE THREE Instrument Departure;
Jan-Mar, 2015
* Ella's At The Airport Opening in February, by Scott Williams; * Watsonville Three Departure Update, April 2015, by Scott Williams; * Study Shows Too Much Automation Affects Pilots' Thinking Skills; * WRAP Successful in 2014, by Dan Chauvet;
Oct-Dec, 2014
* Watsonville Emergency Airlift Command Team (W.E.A.C.T.); * They Flew Over Closed Roads, by Dan Chauvet; * 25 Years Ago and The Next One, by Dan Chauvet; * Tarweed and Taxiway, by Dan Chauvet;
July-Sept, 2014
* CALLING ALL RUSTY PILOTS!, by Marjorie Bachmann; * Watsonville General Plan: Stee-rike Three!, by Dan Chauvet; * Airport Debt Being Recalculated, by Dan Chauvet; * WRAP Batting 1000; * Airport Update; * Coming Events
April-June, 2014
* Inequitable Charges to the Airport Budget?, by Dan Chauvet; * WRAP Fundraiser a Success, by Dan Chauvet; * Watsonville Emergency Airlift Command Team, W.E.A.C.T.; * KWVI on YouTube - Check it out!; * Airport Accepts Credit Cards for Hangar & Tie-Down Fees; * Coming Events
Jan-March, 2014
* End of Year Party, by Scott Williams; * Safety Tip---Carburetor Icing Prevention, by Marjorie Bachman * Jacob Boracca Awarded Pajaro Valley Aviation Academy Scholarship; * Second Saturday at KWVI---Survey; * Upcoming Events
Oct-Dec, 2013
* HOW DOES DENSITY ALTITUDE AFFECT YOU?, by M. Bachman; * MONTEREY BAY ACADEMY AIRFIELD (CA66); Update; * WAAC Meetings and Progress, by Dan Chauvet; * Grants and Partnerships Fund Construction at KWVI, by R. Williams; * Events You May Have Missed Over the Past 3 Months; +Coming Events
July-Sept, 2013
* Monterey Bay Acadamy Airfield--private airport with public use; * A Chance for Settlement (regarding development around KWVI); * Airport Projected Budget is Balanced, But Questions Remain; * Airport Manager, R. Williams, looks ahead to 2013-14; * Scholarships; * Events You May Have Missed Over the Past 3 Months
Jan-March, 2012
* A Look Ahead; a Look Back 2011-2012; * FAA Safety Team---Safer Skies Through Education; * Lonnie Autry Receives Highest Award; * Community Mtg for Watsonville Vista 2030 Plan-Jan 18th, 6-8pm
Jan-March, 2011
* FAA Safety Team Seminars Schedule 2011; * Looking Back and Forward--2010 and 2011; * INSPECTIONS OF EMERGENCY LOCATOR TRANSMITTERS
October, 2010
* California Flight School Regulation Delayed to 2011; * Governor Vetos SB 1141 [regarding Airport Land Use Commissions]; * WPA Litigation Status Update; * October 30th – The Annual Watsonville Regional Airport Promotion – PAC Dinner
July, 2010
* National Weather you can use!; * Watsonville Fly-In & Air Show Sept 3,4 & 5 --- Volunteer Sign-ups; * Post Lawsuit Actions are Critical---General Plan 2030 is coming!
March, 2010
February, 2010
* Proposed Project 280 ft from runway at Half Moon Bay Airport; * SKYDIVING NIXED AT NEW HAMPSHIRE AIRPORT; * FAA Safety Team Seminars Schedule 2010
January, 2010
* FAA Safety Team Seminars Schedule 2010; * Look Back at 2009---Litigation; * Looking Ahead at 2010---Litigation and WAAC
October, 2009
* Watsonville Fly-In changed to Labor Day Weekend; * Pilot Airworthiness and Ramp Inspections....what we should know!; * Cal Pilots Annual Meeting; * KWVI Emergency Airlift Plan; * Watsonville Regional Airport Promotion-9th Annual PAC Dinner Nov 07; * Watsonville Airport 16th Annual Open House [held 10-17-09]
September, 2009
* LOCAL AIRPORTS – STAGING AREAS FOR FIRE FIGHTING AIRCRAFT; * Aircraft Critical to Suppression Success; * Watsonville Regional Airport Promotion—9th Annual PAC Dinner November 7, 2009; * WATSONVILLE AIRPORT 16th ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE RESCHEDULED; * Coming Events 2009
August, 2009
July, 2009
* Atkinson Lane Lawsuit; * Protecting and Growing General Aviation: AOPA and EAA Collaborating on Mutual Issues; * SOPA Chalet Tickets now for sale; * Coming Events 2009
June, 2009
* At The Airport [what's new]; * Senate Bill 737 [Airport Land Use Commisions]; * Litigation Status [WPA vs City of Watsonville]; * Diversion of [Airport] Funds [to the City General Fund][; * EAA Headquarters Advocates Airport Land Use Planning; * Watsonville Fly-In and Airshow Awards
April, 2009
* In Memoriam, Stan Corder, 1930-2009, WPA Past President; * AOPA VP Visits WPA; * In Memoriam, Counceilman Dale Skillicorn, 1937-2009; * Fly-In and Air Show Volunteers Needed May 22-23-24; * At Airports Around Country, Good News for Hard Times; * Airport Stimulus Fund
March, 2009
* FAA Runway Safety Action Team Meeting; * Retirement BBQ for Sharon Reeder on March 28th; * Loran Among Proposed U.S. Budget Cuts; * A Pilot's Story due in theaters in 2010; * WINGS Registration Cheat Sheet; * Proposed Wi-Fi Access in the EAA Hangar
February, 2009
* FAA's RUNWAY SAFETY PROGRAM VISIT; * Come see what's new at Specialized Helicopters; * WINGS Registration Cheat Sheet; * Flying Companion Seminar - Monterey Bay 99s - 02/28/09
January, 2009
* Operations Supervisor Sharon Reeder retires; * Ocean Air under new management; * Monterey Bay 99s host Flying Companion Seminar Feb 28th; * Looking to become a sport pilot?; * AOPA asks FAA to suspend rulemaking for Luke [AFB] Airspace; * Funding Sought for "History of KWVI Airport" Project
October, 2008
* AOPA Reps Meet Local Pilots; * Annual WRAP-PAC Dinner [Spkr: Assemblywoman Anna Caballero]; * Houses and Airports "Don't Mix", AOPA says [Sacramento County]; * New Course Tests Pilot Decision-making Skills; * Watsonville City Owes Pilots Legal Fees in Buena Vista Lawsuit; * Power Plant Threat at CA Airport Toppled [Hayward]; * KMRY & KSNS Tower Controllers Guest Spkrs at Oct 29 WPA mtg!; * Funding Sought for "History of WVI Airport" Project
September, 2008
* The Beginning of the End? [WPA newsltr]; * Annual WRAP-PAC Dinner Speaker:Assemblywoman Anna Caballero; * WPA Sues City for Violating Injunction; * Residential Development Threatens Tracy Airport; * Survive the Squeeze
August, 2008
* SB1118; * WRAP Dinner; * Travis Air Show; * Fuel Prices
July, 2008
* Airport Legislation Hijacked Between Senate and Assembly; * City [of Watsonville] Files Lawsuit Appeal; * Dan White [perishes in ultralight accident]; * AOPA President Phil Boyer to Retire; * Fuel Vendor Change [at WVI]
April, 2008
* A Win for Aviation at Watsonville; * California Flying (calendar of events); * A Sample "SB 1118" Letter to our State Representatives
March, 2008
* Support SB 1118-Write to Your Representative; * A Sample "SB 1118" Letter to our State Representatives; * March 13th - Final Court Decision; * FAA Sponsored Safety Seminars Schedule 2008
February, 2008
* Judge says Watsonville development plans are faulty; * California Bill Mandates Airport Land-Use Planning; * Don't Even Think About Closing Reid-Hillview - AOPA -; * Sean D. Tucker Inducted Into Aviation Hall of Fame; * Termination of 121.5 MHz Beacons for Satellite Alerting; * NEW LEMOORE MOA BECOMES ACTIVE
November, 2007
* ANGEL FLIGHT WEST; * WRAP Dinner-Great Event; * Decision Coming December 6th; * WPA Christmas Dinner; * Wings: Discussion with our local Tower Controllers
October, 2007
* Senator Abel Maldonado - Speaker at this WRAP-PAC Dinner; * Harvest Festival - A Success; * Open House WVI Airport; * Diversion of Airport Funds - Letter to Congressman Farr; * California Flying (calendar); * The EcoPark Plan; * User Fee Update
September, 2007
* Watsonville Airport Open House; * Silent Auction to Save Runway 8-26; * November 3--Annual WRAP-PAC Dinner; * Pipeline workers find WWII plane wreckage near Watsonville; * California Flying (calendar); * Changes to the FAA WINGS Safety Program; * User Fee Petition Online; * ~ Famous Quotes ~
August, 2007
* Size doesn't matter when it comes to assessing flight skills; * California Flying (calendar); * Using Internet Weather [by Rayvon Williams]; * User Fee Petition Online; * FAAS Team ~ FAA
July, 2007
* Decision Time Coming Up [btwn the City of Watsonville and the WPA]; * Watsonville Fly-In & Air Show shatters past year's records; * A Fun Flyout [to Pacific Coast Air Museum at Sonoma County Airport]; * California Flying (calendar); * "User Fee" Petition Online; * [Bob's] Weather Web Page; * Spatial Disorientation [by Rayvon Williams]
May, 2007
* 43rd Annual Fly-In & Air Show; * Military fighter jets coming to Air Show; * California Flying (calendar); * Propeller Safety; * Weather Pioneer Robert Buck dies at 93;
April, 2007
* Solidarity; * Annual Fly-In to fill up sky and land; * California Flying (calendar); * Hollister Airport - 307 to Become CVH; * Links to California Aviation Museums;
March, 2007
* The Save Runway 8-26 Fund; * Airport officials sound off on noise; * Pilots: Watsonville airport plan fails to take off; * Hollister - Airport Seeks $250,000 from FAA; * A Call for Officers;
February, 2007
* Demurrer Denied; * Paso Robles Fly-out; * Back to the future at Castle Airport --- New Class D and control tower opening ; * National group targets Watsonville control near airport; * Flying Companion Seminar; * A Call for Officers; * Icing Effect on Aircraft; * WPA e-news
November, 2006
* WPA December Holiday Dinner; * Paso Robles Fly-out; * DEAR SUPPORTER OF CALIFORNIA AIRPORTS; * AOPA Expo 2006 -- Palm Springs; * The Head Fed; * A Visit to the D-Day Landing Area; * A Call for Officers; * WPA e-news
October, 2006
* Airport Support - WRAP Dinner; * Common Airport Problems along the Central Coast; * WPA Plans Fun Fly-outs for its Members; * WPA December Dinner Meeting; * WPA e-news; * Discussion with our Tower Controllers
September, 2006
* Which Runway?; * WPA vs. City of Watsonville; * WPA e-news; * Fun Flying; * Airport Supporters; * Fog Cycles
August, 2006
* Citizens fight Buena Vista development; * Housing Proposal Threatens Cable Airport; * Dear Airport Supporters; * Human Resources; * IFR Approaches, Missed Approaches and Holding
July, 2006
* County Grand Jury criticizes Watsonville Airport decision; * Meigs Field Closing Cost Keep Rising; * Lockheed Martin Flight Service Web Site Now Live; * Flying Below The RADAR
May, 2006
* The 42nd Annual Watsonville Fly-In & Air Show May 26-27-28; * State agency lands hard on Watsonville airport decision; * Careers Launched; * 4 arrested for airport thefts; * Leaning without Fear
April, 2006
* Current General Plan Draft Needs Revision; * Contact information for Santa Cruz County Supervisors; * One Six Right; * Be a High Profile Pilot
March, 2006
* LAFCO reviews Development vs. Airport & Pilot Safety; * Track IFR Flight Operations for Free; * Position and Hold; * General Plan 2030--February 2006 draft; * LAFCO Dress Rehearsal
February, 2006
* The Airport and General Plan 2030; * FAROS-FINAL APPROACH RUNWAY OCCUPANCY SIGNAL (AKA FLASHING PAPI LIGHTS); * FAA ESTABLISHES 300-NM TFR ON SOUTHERN U.S. BORDER; * Mineta's Speech to the Aero Club- User Fees!; * Taildragger Presentation by Shawn Kelly