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Second Harvest Holiday Food and Fund Drive - GaryAir WVI Fundraising Team

GaryAir Air Taxi is Food and Fund - raising for Second Harvest this Holiday Season.

Please consider donating food or funds or even joining the GaryAir Team to fund raise on your own here - GaryAir WVI Community Fundraising.

On Monday, 11/6, we will have collection barrels in our lobby at 50 Aviation Way – entrance under the black awning - across from the Conservation Corp building – and another barrel in the WVI airport terminal building lobby at 100 Aviation Way. You can donate canned goods in person or online by clicking the link in the Donate Now box below. The fundraising event here at WVI will end on 1/2.

What can you donate, you ask? Go to to get an idea.

Most Needed Foods

Canned meat, peanut butter, soups, chili beans, cereal, canned fruit and vegetables, whole grain rice, pasta and oats. Please no glass, perishable, expired, or opened items.

If you want to make an in person donation, the option that is the most fun, let us know when you want to come by. Hangar 50! We will have some hot apple cider brewing and some freshly baked goodies to share! ‘Tis the Season! 😊 Let's do this!

We look forward to see you and hope that you have a Happy Holiday Season!

Dave and Trish Guerrieri


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