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July 2018 Airport Management In Review

Under the leadership of Rayvon Williams, KWVI is moving in a positive direction on many fronts.


  • Precision Approach Path Indicator lights Installed

  • FAA Flight Procedures confirms SID for Fall 2018

  • Airport Open House awarded Chamber event of year

  • FAA confirms $1.1mm grant for Primary Runway Rehab

  • PVUSD earmarks $100k for obstruction removal

  • Revenue exceeds expenses for 4th consecutive year

  • Corporate hangars back to full capacity

  • Watsonville Airport Center leases reverts to Airport

  • Construction at 45 Aviation Way begins

  • Construction at 101 and 120 Aviation Way completed

  • Sky Dive Surf City concludes year of on-field operations

  • Five year operations count concludes: 55,000 annual

  • Airport Noise Study completed

  • Airport Ops Crews fully staffed; two four man crews

  • Annual hangar inspection 85% compliant

  • W.E.A.C.T drill received positive media coverage

  • Fuel Island POS technology upgrade

  • Fifth year of successful "Second Saturdays"

  • Tenant Appreciation Fire Extinguisher service

  • Tenant of the Year: EAA’s Chris Laws


  • Runway 27 take-off NA due to visibility zone issue

  • Alleged diversion of revenue claim continues

  • On-going mechanical challenges with vehicles

  • Parking availability becoming a challenge

  • Airport discontinues Wings Over Watsonville Fly-In

A look ahead to 2018-2019:

  • Construction: Primary Runway rehab; Completed by end October 2018

  • Infrastructure: Roof maintenance/repairs; 2nd year of 3 year plan continues

  • Operations: relocating staff to Airport Operations/Maintenance building

  • Finances: Begins year with Airport fund balance over $1,000,000

The Five year Airport Improvement Plan summary:

2018: Rehabilitate runway, seal cracks and remark Runway 2-20, Taxiways A, D, E, & F** Upgrade Airfield Guidance signage**

2019: Rehabilitate runway, seal cracks and remark Runway 9-27** Update Airport Layout Plan and Airport Master Plan**

2020: Rehabilitate GA east Apron drainage** Relocate utility poles, north of field, underground*

2021:Construct 3 Nested T-hangars (15-18 units) east of fuel island* 2022: Rehabilitate GA south Apron drainage Runway 2-20 extension by threshold relocation or asphalt extension

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