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Inequitable Charges to the Airport Budget

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

On April 1, 2014 Watsonville Airport Advisory Committee (WAAC) members Steve Henderson, John Randolph and Dan Chauvet (WPA's WAAC representative) met with the City of Watsonville's Finance Director. The purpose of the meeting was to investigate if the Airport Enterprise Fund (AEF) is being unfairly drained.

Four (4) issues regarding the Airport Enterprise Funds are:

  1. The City's failure to pay back funds diverted from the Sage property lease that should have gone to the AEF.

  2. The $4,700,000, supposedly owed by the Airport Enterprise Fund to the City's General Fund. That first appeared at the budget hearing of the May 2013 City Council meeting.

  3. The 2015-2016 $231,032 "consolidated services" charge to the Airport Enterprise Fund

  4. Allocation of charges to the airport for new financial and management software

For more information on these issues, please see the WPA July to September, 2015, newsletter.

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