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PVAA New Scholarships for 2022!

The Pajaro Valley Aviation Academy awarded four scholarships for 2022. Brooke Beetham, Ben Gomez-Villafane, Drew Dudek, and Zoe Freilich all received their private pilot certificate with excellent reviews from their instructors. All recipients plan on continuing their training towards additional ratings. These scholarships were all made possible from a generous contributor, investment earnings, and many additional donations from the local community.

The PVAA assists local Santa Cruz County residents aged 16-26 achieve their aviation goals and dreams for pilot certificates ranging from private to ATP along with aviation maintenance such as Airframe and Power Plant. All scholarship proceeds are dispersed to local Watsonville Municipal Airport flight schools, thus reinvesting into our local aviation community.

Additional information can be found on our website:

Anyone interested in making a 501c3 tax deductible donation to the Pajaro Aviation Academy can contact the PVAA Chairman: Jeanne Hendrickson at

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