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CalPilots Response to Situation at Reid-Hillview

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

We are reposting this message from our parent organization, the California Pilots Association. Please share.

CalPilots wants you to know we are monitoring the situation at Reid-Hillview closely. Urgent Message to CalPilots Chapters and Members

The CalPilots Board of Directors is sending out this urgent message regarding a new threat to your Airport and your ability to fly in California.

This past Tuesday, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors took several actions in regard to the county airports which they sponsor (own/operate) which may impact your local airport. Among those actions were:

They gave staff task to seek the immediate closure of Reid-Hillview Airport, in part based on a statistical study of LEAD impacts on the community caused by the airport. This is an attempt to void federal preemption over airports and the grant assurances obligating them to operate the airport until 2031 and take the land for non-aviation purposes. Authorize $90,000 to assist the author in publishing his study despite hundreds of comments and concerns regarding the facts and accuracy of the study. It should be noted that the study took no independent surveys or lead samples - it simply created a mathematical simulation based on a database provided by the California Department of Public Health - Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch and there was no attempt to identify any sources of lead. Direct staff to reach out to other airports to seek collaboration on additional LEAD studies and coordinate the results. To restricted growth and development of the other county airport so that, should they be able to close Reid- Hillview, those aircraft may not have facilities or space to relocate within the county. The Director of Aviation for the City of San Jose has stated that they will not be able to accommodate an influx of aircraft should Reid-Hillview close.

These actions are a direct and immediate threat to your local airport and your ability to fly. We ask you to 1) Get educated on the problem, 2) Place this notice around your airport so others become aware of the issue and join us, 3) Engage with your FBO and Airport Manager to find out what their opinion is and what actions they are taking (Note - Two FBO’s at RHV already have Unleaded 94 Octane available) , and 4) Keep us informed as to what you see and hear at your airport regarding this issue.

We are engaged with the FAA and other aviation organizations to address this attempt to circumvent federal obligations and will keep you informed via

(CalPilots Website: )


Carol Ford


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Dying to get their hands on all that cheap, flat, buildable ground..."by any means necessary".

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