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KWVI Airport News

Airport Management is opening a 30 day public comment period for the Proposed 2017 update to the Airport RegulationsThe comment period began April 16, 2017 and ends May 15, 2017.  A draft version of the document is available on the City website.  In order to review and track all input, Airport Management requests that comments are forwarded via the Contact the Airport website link.
A limited number of hard copies will be available at the airport office.
A "Question & Answer" meeting will be scheduled in early May to seek additional tenant input.
The WPA will be hosting a public meeting Wednesday, April 26th, beginning at 6:00pm at the WAEC Hangar at 60 Aviation Way.


Here is a WPA member suggestion for keeping things safe at KWVI:
After flying November 2nd during the skydive demo on the field I humbly suggest that any time people fly with skydivers in the pattern, fill out a NASA ASRS form.  Do it every time and state your honest opinion for, or against, skydiving on the field.  The form is un-identified and anonymous so be free to speak your real opinion regarding this new activity.  We need to create data for the bureaucrats to analyze.  Nobody cares unless they have a pile of forms or an accident.  Let's give them a mountain of forms.

Under the leadership of Rayvon Williams, KWVI is moving in a positive direction on many fronts.  Just some of the highlights of 2016 are: 1. The Municipal Airport is a separate department that reports directly to the City Manager, 2. KWVI hosts 55,000 operations (takeoffs & landings) annually, 3. revenue exceeds expenses, 4. hangar turnover rates improve---30 since 2013, 5. Ella's at the Airport completes successful first year.  There's much more good news!!  See the entire 3 page report here, including names of the 30 new hangar users and a look ahead to the future of the Airport.

On April 1, 2014 Watsonville Airport Advisory Committee (WAAC) members Steve Henderson, John Randolph and Dan Chauvet (WPA's WAAC representative) met with the City of Watsonville's Finance Director. The purpose of the meeting was to investigate if the Airport Enterprise Fund (AEF) is being unfairly drained. Four (4) issues regarding the Airport Enterprise Funds are:
1. The City's failure to pay back funds diverted from the Sage property lease that should have gone to the AEF.
2. The $4,700,000, supposedly owed by the Airport Enterprise Fund to the City's General Fund. That first appeared at the budget hearing of the May 2013 City Council meeting.
3. The 2015-2016 $231,032 "consolidated services" charge to the Airport Enterprise Fund
4. Allocation of charges to the airport for new financial and management software
For more information on these issues, please see the WPA July to September, 2015, newsletter.

OCTOBER, 2013, WAAC MEETINGS AND PROGRESS---by Dan Chauvet, WAAC Member representing the WPA
The Watsonville Airport Advisory Committee (WAAC) meets quarterly. It's a conduit for communication with the City Manager. The WAAC is a committee that gives advice; it's not a commission that has a decision-making role. The bylaws include safety and noise issues, operations and airport economics. Members are airport supporters from the three aviation organizations, a representative for fixed based operators, a City of Watsonville resident and one from the County.  Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings and share their views.

MAY 25, 2012, WATSONVILLE AIRPORT E-MAIL DISTRIBUTION LIST On occasion, the Airport Management has a need to communicate directly with the Airport community.
The requirement might be an update of a minor inconvenience, such as an inoperable entry gate or as serious as a pending Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR). Additionally, there may be times when the Airport is supporting non-profit organizations or, as they have done in the past, serving in an emergency response capacity.
If you desire to receive such communications, please consider joining the KWVI e-mail Distribution List. It's FREE, simple to join and extremely valuable. You may sign up by selecting this link >>> sign-up link


General Aviation News

DECEMBER 14, 2015  DRONES AT CHRISTMAS (and beyond)
For safety sake, help spread the word...

There are many out there that will be getting in on the drone or model airplane craze.  Whether a simple one-bladed drone or advanced, digital camera-equipped quad-copter both of these are considered an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and flying them is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with fines ranging from $27,500 to $250,000 and up to 3 years imprisonment!
For more information, please read the newsletter from KWVI Management on this WPA website at www.watsonvilliepilots.org/pages/drones.htmlPlease check with the FAA for updates on this issue.

DECEMBER, 2013, MONTEREY BAY ACADEMY AIRFIELD (CA66); Information provided by Bob Carr.
Monterey Bay Academy Airfield is back and better than ever! Located four miles west of Watsonville on a bluff overlooking Monterey Bay, the airfield has reopened to all pilots after over a decade of highly restricted use. The runway has been significantly improved and is now covered with grass. There is expanded parking and a picnic area right on the bluff.
Ocean Shore Aviation would like to remind people that this is a private airstrip, is open to people who are in good standing, in hopes of providing an airstrip for pilots and their friends to come and share in many good times. Things are coming along, but they're doing it in a low-key fashion. They just want pilots to come and be a part of their pilot community.


Membership Meetings

WPA's REGULAR WEDNESDAY NIGHT MEETING BEGINS AT 7 PM. See the WINGS Seminar Calendar for valuable seminars and safety presentations scheduled. Meetings are CURRENTLY held the last Wednesday of alternating months. Regular meeting place: the WAEC Building, 60 Aviation Way, Watsonville Airport. All visitors and guests are welcome. Refreshments will be served.

EAA CHAPTER 119's REGULAR TUESDAY NIGHT MEETING BEGINS AT 7:30 PM. Meetings are normally held the first Tuesday of each month except no meeting during Oshkosh week. Regular meeting place: the WAEC Building, 60 Aviation Way, Watsonville Airport. All visitors and guests are welcome. Refreshments will be served.

MONTEREY BAY 99s REGULAR WEDNESDAY NIGHT MEETING BEGINS AT 7:00 PM. Meetings are normally held the third Wednesday of each month. Regular meeting place: the WAEC Building, 60 Aviation Way, Watsonville Airport. They generally have a guest speaker, a business meeting, some hangar flying and refreshments (not necessarily in that order).


Our Purpose
The purpose for which the Watsonville Pilots Association was formed is the advancement of the public understanding and interest in beneficial use and utilization of General Aviation in California.

Specific purposes include:
* Conducting seminars, mailings and meetings to inform members of the public uses and services of light aircraft.
* Conducting training and seminars for persons desiring increased pilot proficiency and flight safety.
* Providing technical and operational information for public officials and teachers regarding aviation safety regulation and Airport Land Use Planning.
* Preservation and enhancement of Watsonville Airport as a regional, public-use facility



a message from our past President...

The Watsonville Airport is an irreplaceable public safety, commercial, recreational, educational, charitable and emergency transportation resource serving a region of nearly 300,000 people. The people of Watsonville are extremely fortunate to have such a rare facility so close at hand. Thousands of users of the Airport generate an estimated annual economic benefit to the community of over $645,000,000.

The handout entitled The Watsonville Pilots Association invites you to discover WATSONVILLE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT has gotten the true story out to the public about the benefits of the Airport and has been used as a model for other General Aviation airports that want to improve public relations. I envision the WPA as a continuing liaison between the Airport and the community---bringing everyone closer.

WPA members help citizens more fully understand and utilize this irreplaceable public safety & transportation resource and actively encourage individuals in the community to take part in all that the Airport has to offer. The WPA motto, "Serving Aviation and the Community" speaks for itself. Learning all that the Watsonville Airport has to offer, I have been very proud to be a pilot at Watsonville Airport and very proud to be a member of the Watsonville Pilots Association.
Richard Lippi,  President 2000-2005
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The Watsonville Pilots Association shares the EAA-WAEC hangar located at 60 Aviation Way, Watsonville, CA, on the Airport. Meetings are held there on the last Wednesday of each month, at 7:00pm, except August, November and December. Visitors are always welcome. Come visit us and Join the WPA!


Contact Information

WPA Officers
President - Mike McIntyre 408/3five3-59six9
Vice President - John Cowan 831/4three8-511six
Secretary - Charlene McIntyre 408/3five3-59six9
Treasurer - Sarah Chauvet 831/7two4-825six

Legal Affairs Committee
Secretary for Legal Affairs - Dan Chauvet
Asst Secty for Legal Affairs - John Randolph
Treasurer for Legal Affairs - Hal Zamora
Member-at-Large - Brad Smith

Email us at mail@watsonvillepilots.org

WPA Committee Heads
AOPA ASN Rep. - Gryphon McArthur
Aviation Education - Majorie Bachman
FAASTeam Rep. - Marjorie Bachman
Field Security - Randy Pescé
Newsletter Editor - Scott Williams
Public Relations - John Cowan
Video and Media - Brian Moffet
WAAC Rep. - Dan Chauvet
Website Editor - Richard Lippi

Postal Address
PO Box 2074, Freedom, CA 95019


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